ENG| The jury appointed to select works to be proposed, from the ISCM Romanian Section, to World Music Days, New Zealand, 2020, has chosen, from 12 candidates, the following 6 works, listed in the order of the number of point received:

RO| Comisia desemnată să selecționeze lucrările pentru a fi trimise, din partea SNR-SIMC, la ISCM World Music Days 2020, Noua Zeelandă, a ales următoarele 6 lucrări (enumerate în ordinea punctajului) din 12 lucrări depuse:

  1. Dan Dediu – LEVANTE – category 10: Orchestra (or 9: Youth Orchestra)
  2. Sebastian Androne – IBOKU – category 2a: solo violin
  3. Adrian Borza – Here and Now: GOTHAM – category 12a: electroacoustic work
  4. Constantin Basica – FLASHBACKS – category 13: Composer-Performer
  5. Gabriel Mălăncioiu – ROARING SILENCE – category 5: piano trio
  6. Alexandru Ștefan Murariu – ESPACES I – category 6a: string quartet

Juriul / Jury: Diana Rotaru (President), Irinel Anghel (Member), Calin Ioachimescu, Mihaela Vosganian, Doina Rotaru (members of the Instrumental and Symphonic Committee of the Union of Composers / membri ai Comisiei Instrumentale si Simfonice a UCMR)

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