SOUNDS TO GO (around the world): International call for ISCM Member Sections

Travel through the world of music and take some sounds to go with you as a souvenir!

SOUNDS TO GO (around the world) is a project organized by the ISCM Romanian Section in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ISCM | The International Society for Contemporary Music, the biggest network with members from around fifty countries, devoted to the promotion and presentation of the music of our time.

SOUNDS TO GO (around the world) will be a video creation that will be premiered during the 17th edition of MERIDIAN International Festival – ATLAS (November 6-13, 2022 – Romania). Video artist Alexandru Claudiu Maxim will generate an imaginary map of the world including sonic samples from all around the globe.

We invite all Member Sections of the ISCM to issue a Call for Electronic Works to their members, and select up to three electronic works for submission to no later than 1st June 2022. A maximum of one work will be selected from each Section’s submission. Please note, priority will be given to works no longer than 5 minutes. Please note also, submissions can only be accepted from the ISCM Sections, not from individual composers.

Please do not use transfer links that will automatically expire after a number of days and use instead platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Google Cloud.

Composers from ISCM, we cannot wait to travel through your imagination!

Diana Rotaru – President of ISCM Romanian Section

Irinel Anghel, Alexandru Murariu, Gabriel Mălăncioiu, Constantin Basica – ExCom Members of ISCM Romania

Meridian PLANETARIUM – Audience participation / Participarea publicului


The following “celestial bodies” from the PLANETARIUM galaxy can be visited by live audiences in Bucharest:

  • PRO-PHILIA – the planet of love for playing (Profil Ensemble, “George Enescu” Hall, NUMB, Sunday 7.11.21, 7 p.m.)
  • CALEA ARHEE – the galaxy of the vital sonic force (Archaeus Ensemble, “George Enescu” Hall, NUMB, Monday 8.11.21, 5 p.m.)
  • INTERSONAR – the swarm of sonic bodies from different spaces (SonoMania Ensemble, Auditorium NUMB, Tuesday 9.11.21, 7 p.m.)
  • LYRICA – the planet of songs (Lied Recital, Andreea Novac – soprano & Lena Conta – piano, Auditorium NUMB, Wednesday 10.11.21, 5 p.m.)
  • METAMORPHIA – the planet of transformations (Piano recital Adriana Toacsen, Auditorium NUMB, Friday 12.11.21, 5 p.m.)
  • EROS KAI THANATOS  – the planet of love and death (Maria Bîldea – harp & Sergiu Năstasă – violin, Auditorium NUMB, Saturday 13.11.21, 5 p.m.)

We are waiting for you at the National University of Music in Bucharest (Str. Știrbei Vodă 33) with a Green Certificate and an apetite for sonic adventures! The halls will be available at only 30%of their capacity, so for the concerts in the Auditorium, please come 15 minutes earlier than the announced time of the concert.

If you can’t make it in person to our concerts, the adventure is one click away:


Următoarele 6 “corpuri cereşti” din galaxia PLANETARIUM pot fi vizitate şi de publicul bucureştean:

  • PRO-PHILIA – planeta iubirii de a cânta (Ansamblul Profil, Sala “George Enescu”, UNMB, duminică 7.11.21, ora 19:00)
  • CALEA ARHEE – galaxia forței sonore vitale (Ansamblul Archaeus, Sala “George Enescu”, UNMB, luni 8.11.21, ora 17:00)
  • INTERSONAR – roiul corpurilor sonore din diferite spații (Ansamblul SonoMania, Auditorium UNMB, marți 9.11.21, ora 19:00)
  • LYRICA – planeta cântecelor (Recital de lieduri Andreea Novac & Lena Conta, Auditorium UNMB, miercuri 10.11.21, ora 17:00)
  • METAMORPHIA – planeta transformărilor (Recital de pian Adriana Toacsen, Auditorium UNMB, vineri 12.11.21, ora 17:00)
  • EROS KAI THANATOS  – planeta dragostei şi a morții (Recital de harpă şi vioară, Maria Bîldea & Sergiu Năstasă, Auditorium UNMB, sâmbătă 13.11.21, ora 17:00)

Vă aşteptăm la Universitatea Națională de Muzică din Bucureşti (Str. Știrbei Vodă 33) cu certificat verde şi poftă de aventuri sonore! Sălile vor fi umplute la 30% capacitate, deci pentru concertele din Auditorium vă recomandăm să ajungeți cu 15 minute mai devreme de ora începerii concertului.

Dacă nu puteți ajunge fizic la concertele noastre, aventura e la un click distanță:

Coming soon: Meridian #16 PLANETARIUM!

ISCM Romania is happy to invite you to the 16th edition of MERIDIAN International Festival, PLANETARIUM (November 7-14). All the information regarding the festival can be found HERE.

SNR-SIMC are bucuria să vă invite la cea de-a 16-a ediție a Festivalului Internațional MERIDIAN, PLANETARIUM (7-14 noiembrie). Toate informațiile despre festival le puteți găsi AICI.

Graphic design / Grafica: Simona FITCAL

ISCM Romania General Assembly // Adunare Generala SNR-SIMC

Dragi membri SNR-SIMC

Echipa SNR-SIMC va invita la Adunarea Generala SNR-SIMC din data de luni, 5 iulie, ora 11:00, sediul UCMR – Calea Victoriei 141.Membrii Comitetului Executiv care nu se afla in Bucuresti vor participa la sedinta prin platforma ZOOM.

Dear ISCM Romania members,

The ISCM Romania team invites you at the General Assembly on Monday, July 5th, 11 a.m., UCMR – Calea Victoriei 141. The ExCom members that are not in Bucharest at that date will take part in the meeting via the ZOOM platform.

WMD 2021 Selection


The ISCM Romania president and executive members have selected, after a careful deliberation, 6 pieces to be proposed for the 2021 edition of the World Music Days Festival in China. The selection was made according to the indications on the official website and the number of points accumulated by each piece.

The selected works are, in the alphabetical order of the names of the composers:

  1. Cătălin CrețuRichblick (2017) for tape – Category IX: electronic music/fixed media
  2. Tudor FeraruIn Black and White (2014) for piano – Category VII: solo piano
  3. Călin IoachimescuJokers (2020) for flute, cello and piano – Category IV: Chamber A
  4. Cristian LoleaMechanisms (2014) for flute, violin, cello and piano – Category IV: Chamber A
  5. Livia Teodorescu CiocăneaGolden Bracelets (2020) for flute and piano – Category IV: Chamber A
  6. Lucian ZbarceaToacata (2019) for marimba and vibraphone – Category VIII: percussion


Preşedintele SNR-SIMC şi membrii Comitetului Executiv au selecționat, în urma unei deliberări atente, din 12 lucrări primite, 6 lucrări care vor fi trimise din partea SNR-SIMC pentru festivalul ISCM World Music Days – China 2021. Selecția a fost realizată în baza punctajului obținut şi al indicațiilor de pe website-ul oficial

Lucrările selecționate sunt, în ordinea alfabetică a numelor compozitorilor:

  1. Cătălin CrețuRichblick (2017) pentru mediu electronic – Categoria IX: muzică electronică / fixed media
  2. Tudor FeraruIn Black and White (2014) pentru pian – Categoria VII: pian solo
  3. Călin IoachimescuJokers (2020) pentru flaut, violoncel şi pian – Categoria IV: Chamber A (ansamblu mic)
  4. Cristian LoleaMechanisms (2014) pentru flaut, vioară, violoncel şi pian – Categoria IV: Chamber A (ansamblu mic)
  5. Livia Teodorescu CiocăneaGolden Bracelets (2020) pentru flaut şi pian – Categoria IV: Chamber A (ansamblu mic)
  6. Lucian ZbarceaToacata (2019) pentru marimbă şi vibrafon – Categoria VIII: percuție

World Music Days China 2021 – Call for works

Announcement from ISCM:

We are pleased to announce the official Call for Works for the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) World New Music Days 2021. Members are invited to submit scores/projects for the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) World New Music Days 2021, taking place in Shanghai and Nanning from September 17 – 20, 2021 (Shanghai) and September 21 – 25, 2021 (Nanning). For detailed information about the Call for Works, see
Member organizations should submit their submissions via the ISCM’s Submission Wizard no later than March 16, 2021 at 11:59pm CET (Central European Time). Late submissions will not be considered. The Submission Wizard will open to receive submissions from January 18, 2021 and close on March 16, 2021.

For Sections and Full Associate Members of the ISCM, the official submission will comprise six (6) works across at least four (4) of the twelve (12) different Score Categories identified in this Call for Works. For an official submission to be eligible each submitted work must be eligible, the durations specified for each work must be accurate, and the submitted works correctly aligned with the relevant category. Assuming the submission is eligible and the ISCM member is in good standing (2020 Annual Report completed and annual 2020 membership fee paid) we guarantee that at least one of the submitted works will be presented during the ISCM World New Music Days 2021.
For Affiliated Associate Members, an official submission will comprise up to three (3) works. While there is no guarantee that any particular work will be selected, the organizer will strive to include them where possible.

Individual Submissions must be submitted by an independent composer or a composer’s authorized representative. Submissions will be accepted from January 18, 2021 at An entry fee of €53.05 applies to Individual Submissions, payable at the time of submission by PayPal through the ISCM website.
Individual Submissions are not guaranteed a performance. Space for Individual Submissions is limited, but all submissions will be considered. Please promote this information via your networks.

More info HERE.

Important update: Planetarium is postponed for 2021

Bucharest, July 30th 2020

Dear friends,

The ISCM Romanian Section team regretfully announces that the 16th edition of the MERIDIAN International Festival, “Planetarium”, cannot take place during November 8-15th 2020. In order to protect our musicians and our audience in the context of the pandemic, we, together with the Executive Board of the Romanian Union of Composers and Musicologists, came to an unanimous decision to postpone “Planetarium” for November 2021. Until then, we will keep you updated on the UCMR website ( and on our website (

Dragi prieteni,

Echipa SNR-SIMC anunță cu regret că ediția a 16-a a Festivalului Internațional MERIDIAN, “Planetarium”, nu se mai poate desfăşura în perioada 8-15 noiembrie 2020 în contextul actual al pandemiei, fiind reprogramată în luna noiembrie a anului 2021. Decizia a fost adoptată în unanimitate în cadrul Biroului Executiv al UCMR. Nu dorim să expunem nici muzicienii, nici publicul nostru, unui risc de îmbolnăvire. Până atunci vom ține legătura cu dvs pe site-ul UCMR şi pe site-ul nostru,

Planetarium: Results for the Audio-Video Open Call

ISCM Romania is happy to announce the results of the Open Call for Audio-Video Projects to be presented during the 16th edition of MERIDIAN International New Music Festival, “Planetarium”. The selected projects are (in alphabetical order of the surnames):

SNR-SIMC anunță cu bucurie rezultatele selecției deschise de proiecte audio-video pentru cea de-a 16-a ediție a Festivalului Internațional de muzică nouă MERIDIAN, “Planetarium”. Iată rezultatele (cu numele primilor autori în ordine alfabetică):

Luca Ogawa Depardon (SUA): thum

Cristian Fierbințeanu (Romania): Nothingnesslessness

Julie Herndon (SUA): Audiovisual Meditation Journal

Raphaël Languillat (France/Morocco): pietà (black)

Douglas McCausland (SUA): [neo]Lalia

Simina Oprescu (Romania): Collapsus

Manja Ristić / Cristi Vieriu / Vlad DumitrescuBackyard Escape

Edgar Pacheca Ruiz (Spain): Otsimine

Thomas Valianatos (Greece): Paintscapes-Alienscapes

Davor Branimir Vincze (Croatia/France): Inflection Point

Mihaela Vosganian / Armine Vosganian / Ciprian Făcăeru / Liliana Iorgulescu (Romania): Martian

Planetarium – Collaborative Series Call for Scores Results

ISCM Romania wishes to thank all the sections that have sent us submissions for the next edition of MERIDIAN International Festival, “Planetarium”. / Secțiunea Națională Română a SIMC doreşte să mulțumească tuturor secțiunilor care au trimis partituri pentru a fi interpretate în următoarea ediție a Festivalului Internațional MERIDIAN – “Planetarium”.

After careful deliberation, the jury has selected 6 works. / După o deliberare atentă, juriul a selecționat 6 lucrări.

ISCM Flemish Section / ISCM Flandra

  • Peter Swinnen – “Tombeau de Copernicus” – vlc

ISCM Netherlands / ISCM Olanda (Nieuw Geneco)

  • Alison Isadora – “Node” – vn, vlc, pno

ISCM Polish Section / ISCM Polonia

  • Mateusz Ryczek – “Distant Planet – Light reflections on glaciers” – cl, vn, pno

ISCM Portuguese Section / ISCM Portugalia

  • Cândido Lima – “Oi In Lov” – vn

ISCM US Section / ISCM Statele Unite

  • Eric Moe – “Welcome to Phase Space” – vn, vlc, pno

ISCM Wallonian Section / ISCM Valonia (Forum des Compositeurs)

  • Claude Ledoux – “Un ciel fait d’herbes” – cl, vn, vlc, pno

Due to the unfortunate context of the pandemic, the festival reserves the rights to postpone “Planetarium” and the performance of the selected works for a future date.

În contextul nefericit al pandemiei, festivalul îşi rezervă dreptul de a amâna ediția “Planetarium” şi interpretarea lucrărilor selecționate pentru o dată ulterioară.

Meridian 2020 “Planetarium”: ISCM Collaborative Series Call for Chamber Works

Visuals: Simona Fitcal

ISCM Romania, organizer of the MERIDIAN International New Music Festival, is announcing a call for CHAMBER works among the member organizations of ISCM to be programmed in the 16th edition of MERIDIAN between November 8-15, 2020.

The theme of this edition, PLANETARIUM, wishes to explore planets, stars, galaxies, comets, meteorites and space objects in the endless sonic cosmos of human imagination. From solar incandescence to the darkness of a black hole, the range of musical expressions is unlimited.

We are looking for works for all or some of the following instruments:

  • Ensemble ATEM (Timişoara): clarinet, violin, cello, piano; theme of the concert – POLARIS (planet of frozen sounds)
  • Ensemble SONOMANIA (Bucharest): oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano; theme of the concert – PHANTASIA (planet of stories)
  • Duo MARIA BÎLDEA & SERGIU NĂSTASĂ (Bucharest): harp and violin; theme of the concert – EROS KAI THANATOS (planet of love and death)
  • DUO CELLO JAYA (Bucharest): two cellos.

Priority will be given to works shorter than 10 minutes in duration and to works that have a stronger connection to the theme of the festival and/or the concert(s). Only completed works will be accepted.

A maximum of 5 works should be sent by each member organization via email to with the email subject “Planetarium Score Submission” until June 1st, 2020. Submissions must include:

  1. a permanent link to the work for playback (e.g., SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) – no transfer links or attachments are accepted for recordings;
  2. the score of the work in .pdf format;
  3. the title, year, and program notes for the work;
  4. a short biography of the artist (in English).

The final selection will be announced on the festival’s website,, and the official MERIDIAN and ISCM Romania Facebook pages after July 1st, 2020.

Looking forward to your submissions!

The ISCM Romanian Section Team

Diana Rotaru – President & Artistic Director of MERIDIAN International Festival