The ISCM Romanian Section is happy to announce the selected works to be included in the SOUNDS TO GO (around the world) audio-video project in November 2022. We have received submissions from 12 Member Sections of the ISCM and the results are as follows:

ISCM Austrian Section | Alisa Kobzar – “rechtschreibung”

ISCM Beijing Section | QI Mengjie (Maggie) – “The Road to Krakow”

ISCM Croatian Section | Ivana Kiš – “Galijot”

ISCM Faroe Islands Section | Lasse Jæger – “Killin’ Kind”

ISCM Flemish Section | Valery Vermeulen – “Mikromedas”

ISCM Latvian Section | Linda Leimane – “Cadavre Exquis III”

ISCM Netherlands Section | Danny de Graan – “Geometric Vibrations”

ISCM Serbian Section | Svetlana Maraš – “Two kinetic studies: Kinetic study no.1”

ISCM Swedish Section | Paulina Sundin – “Med lekande kval”, Patric Simmerud – “The Scream and Beyond”

ISCM Swiss Section | Sachie Kobayashi – “Jeux.1.11 – Les cieux roulent des yeux”

ISCM Taiwan Section | Fang-Wei Luo – “Sound of Desolation”

ISCM USA Section | Eric Moe – “leave but don’t leave me”

The jury was comprised of composers Diana Rotaru (President of the ISCM Romanian Section), Irinel Anghel, Constantin Basica, Gabriel Mălăncioiu, Alexandru Murariu (Executive Committee).

SOUNDS TO GO (around the world) is a project organized by the ISCM Romanian Section in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ISCM | The International Society for Contemporary Music, the biggest network with members from around fifty countries, devoted to the promotion and presentation of the music of our time. The project is also included in the ISCM Collaborative Series.

SOUNDS TO GO (around the world) will be a video creation that will be premiered during the 17th edition of MERIDIAN International Festival – ATLAS (November 6-13, 2022 – Romania). Video artist Alexandru Claudiu Maxim will generate an imaginary map of the world including sonic samples from around the globe. Project curator will be Irinel Anghel.

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