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Meridian 2020 “Planetarium”: Call for Audio-Video Works

Visuals: Simona Fitcal

ISCM Romania, organizer of the MERIDIAN International New Music Festival, is announcing a call for AUDIO-VIDEO works to be programmed in the 16th edition of MERIDIAN between November 8-15, 2020.

The theme of this edition, PLANETARIUM, wishes to explore planets, stars, galaxies, comets, meteorites and space objects in the endless sonic cosmos of human imagination. From solar incandescence to the darkness of a black hole, the range of musical expressions is unlimited.

The call is open to composers, video and sound artists of all nationalities. There is no entry fee or age limit. Priority will be given to works shorter than 10 minutes in duration and to works that have a stronger connection to the theme of the festival. The works must be presented in fixed media format: stereo audio and single-channel video (no live electronics and/or performers can be accommodated). Only completed works will be accepted.

Submissions should be sent via email to with the email subject “Planetarium AV Submission” until June 1st, 2020. Each participant may submit only one audio-video work. Submissions must include:

  1. a permanent link to the work for playback (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) – no transfer links or attachments are accepted at this point;
  2. the title, year, and program notes for the work;
  3. a short biography of the artist (in English).

The final selection will be announced on the festival’s website,, and the official MERIDIAN and ISCM Romania Facebook pages after July 1st, 2020.

Official selection for ISCM 2020 World New Music Days announced!


ISCM Romania is proud to announce the official selection of Constantin Basica’s work, FLASHBACKS, to be performed by the author during the World Music Days festival, 2020, New Zeeland (Auchland / Christchurch). The date and place of the concert will be announced soon.

Says the composer: “Flashbacks is an audiovisual performance in two parts that have no apparent connection. First, in Restore Failed with Errors, I recycle audio and video material from my distant and recent past as performer. The material is sliced into small fragments and then assembled into new forms. In the second part, Last Night, I present the story of a person who tries to escape from a loop. On a deeper level, the two pieces in Flashbacks address the idea of making sense of one’s past while also attempting to surpass its consequences.”


SNR-SIMC anunță cu bucurie selecționarea oficială a lucrării lui Constantin Basica, FLASHBACKS, pentru a fi interpretată de autor în cadrul festivalului World Music Days 2020, Noua Zeelandă, în luna aprilie 2020 (Auckland / Christchurch). Data şi locul concertului va fi anunțat în curând.

Spune compozitorul: “Flashbacks este un performance audio-vizual în două părți, aparent fără nicio legătură între ele. În Restore Failed with Errors reciclez material audio-video din trecutul meu performativ. Materialul este fragmentat în segmente mici care apoi sunt asamblate în noi forme. În partea a II-a, Last Night, prezint povestea unui personaj care vrea să evadeze dintr-o buclă. La un nivel profund, cele două piese din Flashbacks vorbesc despre ideea înțelegerii trecutului în timp ce încerci să îi depăşeşti consecințele.”


SONIC GARDENS – the 15th edition of MERIDIAN International New Music Festival is starting soon!

The 15th edition of MERIDIAN International Festival
November 3-10, 2019
“…a garden is nature expressed in mathematics and music is emotions expressed in mathematics.” – Krzysztof Penderecki

The 15th edition of MERIDIAN is inviting you to dive in a world of sound experiences and experiments, with your soul, mind and ears wide open, between November 3-10, 2019. One of the most important new music festivals in Romania, MERIDIAN is organized by the ISCM Romanian Section, part of the Union of Romanian Composers and Musicologists. 8 days of chamber music, electronic music, talks, video and film projections await you in Bucharest, Arad, Cluj, Timişoara and Sibiu. The theme of the festival, SONIC GARDENS, proposes that each event is patterned after a type of garden, real or imaginary. “Wild Garden”, “Electronic Jungle”, “Labyrinth Garden”, “Garden of Fog” or “Zen Garden” are just a few of the concepts to be discovered during MERIDIAN in 2019.

Artists such as Mario Caroli (flute – Italy), George Kentros (violin – Sweden), Matei Ioachimescu and Alfredo Ovalles (flute & piano – Austria), Luosha Fang and Michael Djupstrom (violin/viola and piano – USA), Marius Ungureanu (viola – Denmark) or Aleksander Gabryś (double-bass – Poland) will perform during the festival together with Romanian virtuosi.

2019 debuts the “ISCM Collaborative Series” project between members of ISCM, as MERIDIAN – SONIC GARDENS has selected works from ISCM-Israel, ISCM-Switzerland and Musikagileak (Basque Country) to be performed by Romanian ensembles and musicians during the festival (Archaeus Ensemble, ATEM Ensemble, Diana Moş – violin and Mihai Măniceanu – piano).

MERIDIAN – SONIC GARDENS is financed by the National Culture and Identity Ministry, with the aid of the Romanian Cultural Institute, the “Dinu Lipatti” House of Arts, the National “Tinerimea Română” Art Center, the National “George Enescu” Museum, the Arad State Philharmonic and the Sibiu State Philharmonic.

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Call for projects for UCMR members (RO)

Stimați membri ai Secției de Muzică Instrumentală și Multimedia a U.C.M.R..
Vă informăm că în baza Hotărârii Consiliului de Conducere întrunit în data de 12 iulie 2019, Uniunea Compozitorilor și Muzicologilor din România anunță lansarea unui concurs de proiecte pentru lucrări muzicale și muzicologice, dedicate aniversării a 100 de ani de la înființarea instituției. Aceste lucrări trebuie înregistrate până marți, 20 august 2019orele 15:00Termenul final de prezentare a lucrărilor selecționate este 1 octombrie 2020.Pentru mai multe detalii legate de acest concurs de proiecte, vă rugăm să consultați site-ul U.C.M.R.

WMD 2020 Selection

ENG| The jury appointed to select works to be proposed, from the ISCM Romanian Section, to World Music Days, New Zealand, 2020, has chosen, from 12 candidates, the following 6 works, listed in the order of the number of point received:

RO| Comisia desemnată să selecționeze lucrările pentru a fi trimise, din partea SNR-SIMC, la ISCM World Music Days 2020, Noua Zeelandă, a ales următoarele 6 lucrări (enumerate în ordinea punctajului) din 12 lucrări depuse:

  1. Dan Dediu – LEVANTE – category 10: Orchestra (or 9: Youth Orchestra)
  2. Sebastian Androne – IBOKU – category 2a: solo violin
  3. Adrian Borza – Here and Now: GOTHAM – category 12a: electroacoustic work
  4. Constantin Basica – FLASHBACKS – category 13: Composer-Performer
  5. Gabriel Mălăncioiu – ROARING SILENCE – category 5: piano trio
  6. Alexandru Ștefan Murariu – ESPACES I – category 6a: string quartet

Juriul / Jury: Diana Rotaru (President), Irinel Anghel (Member), Calin Ioachimescu, Mihaela Vosganian, Doina Rotaru (members of the Instrumental and Symphonic Committee of the Union of Composers / membri ai Comisiei Instrumentale si Simfonice a UCMR)



SNR-SIMC și ARFA vă invită să participati la World Music Days 2020 ce va avea loc în Noua Zeelandă. Categoriile și condițiile de înscriere le găsiți AICI

Data limită de înscriere este 15 iulie 2019 pe adresa (cu mențiunea CALL ISCM în subiectul mesajului). Vă rugăm ca în cerere să specificați categoria la care doriți să participați.  Lucrările vor fi selecționate de un juriu desemnat de conducerea UCMR. 


ISCM Romanian Section and ARFA invite you to participate at World Music Days 2020 that will take place in New Zeeland. The categories and application conditions can be found HERE.

The deadline for applications is July 15th 2019 at (mentioning CALL ISCM in the subject of the message). Please specify the category you wish to apply for. The works will be selected by a jury named by the Union of Composers.